Türen all over #Lamma Island

Nun ist es soweit und wie bereits bei Türen all over #Hongkong angekündigt, kommt hier die Fortsetzung mit unserem Ausflug auf Lamma Island! Diese Insel befindet sich nur eine halbe Bootsstunde entfernt und dort angekommen, betritt man plötzlich eine ganz andere Welt. Einige Eindrücke und Türen davon habe ich heute hier für euch.

Viel Spaß beim Durchsehen!

© Sabine Bruckner

27 Gedanken zu “Türen all over #Lamma Island

  1. Lovely colorful doors, and it’s so nice to see blue water and green plant life (we are deep in winter right now).

    I also like the dog and the whale mural behind the bar.

  2. Those red banners by the door must mean something…….do you know what? My favorite single door was the bright yellow one! And then the larger picture of the porch was the multiple door photo I liked! All of these photos were very interesting! Did you go on a Day Trip or stay overnight? Were the people receptive to you?

    • The red banners mean definitly something – unfortunatly i have no idea what. I guess for good luck for the house and family or something like that. 😉
      It was a day trip and people around there were very nice. I think they are used to tourists. We had a lovely meal as well. So all together it was a great trip and really nice to walk around on the Island and enjoy the views – and doors of course. 😉

      • Isn’t that something! Similar to catholic families putting up a little plaque when the priest comes to bless a house! We are so connected! I have to live long enough to see many more places! What a great post!

      • It is really amazing to get to know all the cultures and their believes and how they live. Thats why i love to travel a lot. Hope soon it will be possible again to see the world. 😉

      • I liked your post so much…….may I add it to my Just One Person Around the World Challenge for next Wednesday, the 17th? I think there are a lot of folks who would be interested in this! Let me know!

      • What is your name that I can use so I don’t just say hinterdentueren says…….I don’t even know what that word means! Your blog title will be in the link but it’s more personal with your first name or something too…..

      • My name is Sabine Bruckner 😉 – „hinterdentüren“ means „behind the doors“ … I started the blog when i was a Volunteer in Jerusalem. I cared for Holocaustsurvivors there and found myself often before a new door to meet someone new… so I came up with this name and I started to take pictures of doors in Cities i visited. So it begun 😉

  3. Your trip makes me think of one we took to Cingue Terre, where suddenly one finds themselves in another world, and the inhabitants like to keep it that way. I LOVE especially your third capture from the top with all the boats. It must have been a wonderful day(s?) here! And I finally found your comments, haha, Jes

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